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Trusted since 1942, Queen’s Tree Surgery offers unparalleled mulching, land clearing, and more to homes and businesses in Murfreesboro, TN.

Mulching Services Excellence in Murfreesboro, TN, and Serving Middle Tennessee Area


We only provide natural, non-toxic products, ensuring quality and consistency in all our services.


As a 3rd generation family-owned business, honesty and transparency guide every job we undertake.


We invest in the latest technology and practices to deliver the most efficient and superior services.


Our process is environmentally friendly, utilizing materials from our land clearing to create mulch without waste.

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Mulch for Sale: Quality Soil Products in Murfreesboro, TN!

Looking for quality mulch for sale in Murfreesboro, TN, and Middle Tennessee Area ? Look no further! At Queen’s Tree Surgery, Inc, we offer superior mulch and soil products to both residential and commercial clients. Our natural and non-toxic mulch is perfect for any gardening or landscaping needs. We ensure that all the mulch we sell is free of contaminants, making it a premium choice for your property.

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Get Your Mulching Services Today in Murfreesboro, TN!

If you’re seeking the finest outdoor solutions in Murfreesboro, TN, look no further than Queen’s Tree Surgery Incorporated. Established in 1942 and spanning three generations, we’re a family-owned business that champions customer satisfaction. Our seasoned team delivers unparalleled expertise across our comprehensive service lineup, which includes mulch, land clearing, right-of-way clearing, forestry mulching, and mulch blowing. From vibrant landscapes to pristine outdoor spaces, our legacy of excellence ensures top-tier products and services. Reach out today to transform your surroundings into a haven of health and beauty.

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Get premium mulch for sale from Queen’s Tree Surgery, Incorporated. We offer a wide range of products including topsoil, cherry mulch, and more, all at competitive prices.

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Mulch Blowing

Looking for experienced land clearing services? Queen’s Tree Surgery, Incorporated has more than 80 years of experience, ensuring clear and even surfaces ready for grading.

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Land Clearing

Queen’s Tree Surgery, Incorporated provides a comprehensive right of way clearing. From wood debris removal to trimming services, we meet all local and federal guidelines.

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Right Of Way Clearing

Forestry mulching is our specialty at Queen’s Tree Surgery, Incorporated. With state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure thorough mulching without soil disturbance.

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Forestry Mulching

Our new mulch blowing truck at Queen’s Tree Surgery, Incorporated allows for efficient mulch installation. Experience the innovation of our mulch blowing services today.

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  • Murfreesboro, TN

  • Nashville, TN

  • Franklin, TN

  • Hendersonville, TN

  • Columbia, TN

  • Lebanon, TN


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What Our Clients Are Saying


Gabriel Greene

Best place to go if you need high quality mulch at the best price.

Google Reviews


Jana Coss

Doing this review for my husband Jamison and his business JnK Lawn Service. We are so happy to have found this place. The staff is super friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. They made us feel welcomed and valued. We’ve purchased mulch from here twice now and won’t be going anywhere else going forward! We couldn’t be happier with the product or the people at Queens Tree Surgery!

Google Reviews


Justin Wallace

The absolute best place to buy mulch in Murfreesboro! These guys are friendly, the service is fantastic and their products are great. We can’t recommend them enough!

Google Reviews


Jocelyn Cruz

I.C. Landscaping here; we are delighted with the service received and highly recommend it.

Google Reviews


John Riddle

I’ve gotten mulch at every bulk supplier I Murfreesboro and this is hands down the best. High quality, perfectly shredded, trash free, and definitely the best price. Do yourself a favor and check them out.

Google Reviews


Moises Salinas

Excellent service and comfortable price.

Google Reviews


Justin Sturdivant

Daniel and his crew did a phenomenal job on two very large trees right next to our house. Highly recommend for tree removal and stump grinding.

Google Reviews


Jeff Ward

Wow. Amazing. I’ve got to tell you, after watching these guys, I’m a pretty big fan. I find this kind of professionalism very rare in the day we live in.
I think my little residential job was one of the smaller jobs these guys take on, but it was sheer pleasure watching these guys in action. If you’re looking for Johnny Daredevil that climbs the tree like a monkey and does an Evil Knievel on it risking life and limb, this is not the three-ring circus you’re looking for. But if instead you want to see the perfect equipment for the job manned by real professionals in a safe orderly way, Queens is absolutely the way to go.
I had an 80-foot dead elm tree threatening my house. Using a concert of bucket-truck, chainsaw and crane, these guys leveled that tree in a couple of hours. Quarterback on the team was Daniel Queen who called the plays from the bucket. Ryan did the heavy lifting with the crane while Cory played wide-receiver with the tossed branches. They way that team executed plays reminded me of Peyton Manning in his heyday. As it turns out, Daniel is actually a Mechanical Engineer. Now, how many tree cutting teams are operated by an ME? Not many I bet. I can certainly understand why this team is in such high demand for the commercial and industrial jobs. I was really lucky to get them.
I think the other factor that made me so impressed by these guys is the empathy they have for their customers and the integrity. While trimming back the protruding limbs on a second tree, they offered recommendations on how much to cut back without killing the desirable branches or the tree itself.
When I insisted they not worry about the little stuff or the ruts the truck left in the mud, they smiled and replied, “no, we don’t leave it that way. We just don’t.” And it wasn’t just Daniel that held this self-imposed high standard, it was Ryan and Cory too. When they left, I couldn’t tell they had ever been there, except that awful tree was gone.
“We make it our business to be the best there is.” That’s what they confidently told me. My experience is, that’s not just talk. They make it so.

Google Reviews


Shane Parrish

Queen’s Tree Surgery has always done quality work for us. I highly recommend them. They are pretty AWESOME!!

Google Reviews


Will Martin

We live in Crieve Hall, which is an older neighborhood of South Nashville. We needed two large, older trees removed immediately, as they were close to our home, and the summer storms in Nashville are frequent + harsh. They showed up on time, gave us a more than fair quote considering the time frame requested and scope of work, and were very clear and concise in their communication of the job. Other than a little tree debris, it is hard to tell that there used to be massive trees in front of our home. In the future, I will definitely be using Queens again for larger jobs on our property, and will recommend them to anyone needing tree removal.

Google Reviews


Sam McPherson

Queen’s Tree Surgery has been Nashville’s most called upon tree removal and trimming business for decades. Quality work comes from its experience, good equipment and service orientation.

Google Reviews


Levi Bugos

Fun place, the workers there are very nice people.

Google Reviews